Sunday, March 20, 2011

These Words I Seek Are Not My Own

These Words I Seek Are Not My Own: presents new work by eight artists whose practices are imbued by a specific interest in extended painting. The exhibition attempts to address the continually evolving collective understanding of painting through a diverse range of outcomes and installational elements.

"All painting is (at the same time) material, space and activity. It may or may not have a singular (sur)face and it may not hug the wall. It may appear as a projection across the space of architecture, as multiple surfaces separated from a fractured support, or as a collection of playful but useless objects. These 'paintings' are not mere images of things, but inhabit space as things in their own right, sometimes functioning as props and triggers, working to invoke faint memories of other things - almost but not quite abstract, and almost but not quite painting."  

From 'The Spaces of Painting' by Linda Khatir which accompanied the exhibition

The title of the show was a text by one of the participating artists created in response to an intimate unravelling of the artists’ practices, a piece of work alone, layered and acting as catalyst, enveloping the practices and sparking and extending new responses.

An essay
on the practice of extended painting written by an artist and writer Linda Khatir gratefully accompanied the exhibition .

Organising the details of the show - proposals, communication and marketing - was pretty time consuming but a good learning curve. During the exhibition week, I had to divide my time between Bristol, Bath and London so my set-up time was effectively limited to one day. I was moderately pleased with the work I put in given the time constraints, though one of the pieces has since evolved in the studio into a more intriguing proposition (I will post the image later).

Overall it was a strong show, holding a variety of artistic responses, with a respectable turn out including general public.

There is a really good summary of the exhibition posted by a fellow artist Natalia Komis:
Natalia's Blog Entry for These Words I Seek.

My work in the show:

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